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Dell PC Diagnostics

Run Dell PC Diagnostics to resolve performance issues

Welcome to Dell PC Diagnostics powered by PC-Doctor. Here you’ll find the tools to:

  • Test and optimize your system’s hardware
  • Run automated files and find tips to resolve common issues
  • Arrange for any necessary repairs or replacement parts
Note: If you’re already working with Technical Support to resolve an issues, you can continue the process below.
Run a complete diagnostic or an individual test.
  • Quick
  • Complete
  • Symptom
  • Hardware
  • Software
Estimated total time to complete: 60 minutes
esupport clock iconEstimated total time to complete: 10 minutes
Select the test you want to run
You can pick multiple diagnostics by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on your choices.

Have you already run ePSA diagnostics?
Enter the error and validation code from your Enhanced Pre-boot System Assessment (ePSA) along with your Service Tag below to learn how to fix your issue.

Enhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment

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