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Dell Windows Backup Media and Recovery Options

This article will provide information on Windows backup media and recovery options on a Dell PC.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is backup media and why would I need it?
  2. Where can I get further information about this?
Note: Please be aware as of 08 April 2014, Microsoft has stopped supporting Microsoft Windows XP in all its revisions. Dell cannot supply media for any operating system that is no longer supported or sold by Microsoft.

1. What is backup and recovery media and why would I need it?

Backup media is something you only need if you're having problems with your PC.

It comprises the media for the Operating System and the Drivers that came installed on your Dell PC.

We always recommend that you create an offline image of your PC once you have it configured and in a working condition. This can be done using the Built in Backup tools in Windows or by using a third party dedicated tool.

However if you haven't done this and don't have a factory restore image on your PC, then having the Operating System media and the Drivers that came installed on your PC is the only way to recover from a bad fault, such as a faulty operating system or failed Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

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2. Where can I get further information about this?

You can visit our Media Backup page to get information on Dell Windows backup media and recovery options, depending on your version of the operating system and the issue you are experiencing.

Note: To download a recovery image you will need bootable USB media and the Service Tag of the affected PC.

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BACKUP Learn more on our Data Storage and Back-Up Solutions support page.

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