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Dell XPS 18 Screen May Not Rotate as Expected

The Dell XPS 18 screen may not rotate as expected when the screen is in certain positions.


With the XPS 18 screen in certain positions, the screen may not rotate as expected.

If the XPS 18 is used with the optional folding feet in the low position (with the feet open on the side that is farthest from the user) the screen may not rotate automatically).


This is not a failure of the system. It is working in accordance with Microsoft requirements.

Microsoft requires that the system be raised to at least a 35 degree angle before rotation will function. The low position is approximately 20 degrees. Lifting the system to an angle of at least 35 degrees will allow the screen to rotate to the desired position, and it can then be returned to the low position for use.

If you are experiencing problems with the screen not locking at the desired rotation, use the lock feature to prevent accidental rotation. To lock the screen position, swipe in from the right and select settings, screen, and then press the screen icon to lock or unlock rotation.

NOTE: The screen icon and rotation lock options will not be present if the device is installed in the optional docking stand.

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