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What Troubleshooting Tools Are Available for My Dell Computer in Microsoft Windows Vista? - KB Article - 323753

Tools and Tests for Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows Vista

Hardware Diagnostics and Maintenance

ToolCapabilities and Appropriate Usage
32-bit diagnosticsHardware test that can be run from the utility partition to diagnose hardware problems.
Disc Self Test (DST)Diagnostic test used to determine if issue problem is software or hardware related.

Software Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Tools
ToolCapabilities and Appropriate Usage
Dell Crash Analysis ToolTool used to diagnose driver related problems such as blue screen errors or system crash errors.
Driver Roll-backMicrosoft Windows operating system utility to restore previous version of a driver.
Edit BIOS settingsAllows users to configure basic system settings including hardware presence, boot sequence, boot type, etc.
System InformationDisplays a comprehensive view of your hardware, system components, and software environment.
System Configuration (MSCONFIG)The Selective Startup feature enables users to choose programs, drivers and services to load at startup. Also includes centralized access to Windows tools.
Recovery Environment (WinRE)Provides troubleshooting and recovery tools when Windows does not start. You can run an auto-repair program that fixes common startup problems, restore the system to a previous restore point, or access other troubleshooting tools.

Safe Mode Boot Options

Safe Mode
ÃÂThis option uses a minimal set of drivers and services to start the Operating System.

Safe Mode with Networking
ÃÂSame as Safe mode but also uses the drivers needed to load networking.

Safe Mode with Command Prompt
ÃÂSame as Safe mode except Cmd.exe starts instead of Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Enable VGA Mode
ÃÂThis option starts the operating system in 640x480 mode by using the current video driver.

Microsoft Windows Debugger. WinDbg provides source-level debugging through a graphical user interface and a text-based interface.

ÃÂ WinDbg uses the Microsoft Visual Studio debug symbol formats for source-level debugging. It can access any public function's names and variables exposed by modules that were compiled with Codeview (.pdb) symbol files.

ÃÂ WinDbg can view source code, set breakpoints, view variables (including C++ objects), stack traces, and memory. It includes a command window to issue a wide variety of commands not available through the drop-down menus. For kernel-mode debugging, WinDbg typically requires two computers (the host machine and the target machine). It also allows you to remotely debug user-mode code.

Windows System File CheckerScans all protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions.

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