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Troubleshoot repeating defects by measuring the interval on the Dell 3130cn or 3130cdn laser printer

Article Summary: How to troubleshoot repeating defects by measuring the interval on the Dell 3130cn or 3130cdn laser printer

Print quality issues that repeat at set intervals on the page are often caused by a damaged or contaminated roller in the printer. Measuring the interval the defects occur at can identify the faulty component.
  1. Print the contamination check test page.
  2. Measure, in millimetres, the distance from the top of one defect to the top of the next

  3. Check the table below, replace the part indicated if possible

Component Interval (mm) Replaceable Part
Drum 75.4 Toner Cartridge
BCR 28.3 Toner Cartridge
BCR Cleaner Roll 25.1 Toner Cartridge
Sleeve (K) 27.9 Toner Cartridge
Sleeve (Y,M,C) 27.9 Toner Cartridge
1stBTR 31.4 Transfer Belt
Drive Roll 56.9 Transfer Belt
Fuser Roll 82.7 Fuser
Fuser Belt 94.2 Fuser
Pinch Roll 18.8 Fuser
Exit Roll 43.1 Fuser
Exit Pinch Roll 31.4 Fuser

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