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Why Does My Dell Inspiron 8200 Not Power On in the Advanced Port Replicator? - KB Article - 123151

Redock the Computer

Redock the computer using the following procedure

  1. Make sure the computer is powered off.

  2. Check both docking connections for damage or loose debris.

  3. Close the LCD lid.

  4. Place one hand on the top of the computer and the back of the APR. Place the other hand on the front edge of the computer.

  5. Use the hand on the top of the computer as a guide while using the hand in the front to push the computer into the dock.

  6. Look for the battery charge light to blink.

  7. If the battery charge light begins to blink, power the computer on using the power button on the APR.
    If the battery light does not blink, redock the computer again while applying more pressure.

Inspiron 8200 Dock Additional Information

When both the Inspiron 8200 computer and the APR are new, the connection is extremely tight. The system may feel like it is completely docked when it is not. This connection will get easier in time after a docking and undocking the computer a few times.

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