091-400 & 091-911 Waste Toner Life Messages

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  1. 091-400 & 091-911 Waste Toner Life Messages

This article provides information on "091-400 & 091-911 Waste Toner Life Messages"

1. 091-400 & 091-911 Waste Toner Life Messages

091-400 & 091-911 Waste Toner Life Messages

091-400: IOT Waste Toner Box Near Life

091-911: IOT Waste Toner Box Life Over

The Waste Toner Box is a consumable item that gathers excess Toner created during the Print process. This item normally needs replaced after about 30,000 Prints but you will receive an early warning message advising that it is nearing time for replacement.

If you receive either of the above errors, please purchase a new Waste Toner Box from the Dell Sales Website.
For detailed instruction on removing and replacing the Waste Toner Box see article:

How to Replace the Waste Toner Box on the C3760n / C3760dn / C3765dnf Dell Laser Printers

More info can be found in the C3760n User's Guide , C3760dn User’s Guide or the C3765dnf User’s Guide.

If these steps do not correct the problem, please contact Dell Technical Support.

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