Notebook LCD Powers Off During Normal Use

Article describes information to resolve issues with an LCD screen powering off or going into Standby/Suspend or Hibernate during normal use.

LCD Powers Off During Use

You may experience symptoms whereby your LCD screen will power off or go into a standby/suspend or hibernate state.

Please check the below possible causes:

  • Magnetic bracelets or Jewellery

  • Stacking of notebook systems on top of each other

  • Electrical devices in close proximity

  • Other magnetic sources

On many systems there is a magnet located in the LCD surround (A) (usually the top right corner) when the screen is closed this causes a reed switch in the palmrest (B) to close, completing a circuit.

This in turn will activate whatever action your operating system has set for 'when the lid is closed' normally turn off the LCD or sending the system into a low power standby mode.

Reed switch diagram showing effects of magnets.
Pic1: Diagram shows approximate locations of LCD reed switch and magnet that can create a no video scenario.

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