Memory Amount May be Misreported in Dell™ OpenManage™ IT Assistant on PowerApp.web™ 100 Appliance Server. - Technical Tip - 151383

Enter the System Setup (BIOS) and check the amount of RAM reported.

To validate that the correct amount of memory is installed in your PowerApp.web 100, enter the System Setup (BIOS) and check the amount of RAM reported there:

  1. Turn on your system.
    If your system is already on, shut it down and then turn it on again.
  2. Press the <F2> key as soon as you are prompted.

At the Main Menu, you can validate the amount displayed for Total Memory.

More information about memory amounts being misreported in Dell™ OpenManage™ IT Assistant on PowerApp™.web™ 100 appliance server.

When you launch the Dell OpenManage IT Assistant console and check the status of available memory, the amount may be erroneously reported.

In addition, total memory may be reported incorrectly in configurations of 256MB of RAM or greater. On all memory configurations, the total physical memory capacity is reported incorrectly.

The misreported amount of available and total physical memory will not affect normal operation of the PowerApp.web 100 appliance.


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