Unusual Touchscreen Behavior with Secondary Display in Duplicate Display Mode on Dell XPS 18

Article Summary: This article explains some unexpected touchscreen behavior when connecting a secondary monitor in duplicate display mode to the Dell XPS 18.

Unexpected touchscreen behavior

You may notice some unexpected touch behavior when connecting the XPS 18 to a secondary display.

If you choose to enable a secondary display on the XPS 18 all-in-one, there may be some unexpected touchscreen behavior. You can connect a secondary display via a USB display adaptor or through the optional WIGIG docking station.

If the aspect ratio on the secondary display differs from the XPS 18, you may notice that the touch registration is different on the XPS 18 screen when it is in duplicate display mode. You may see black bars along the sides of the display.

When this occurs, touch registration will probably be accurate only near the center of the screen. You may also notice that swipe will not be functional at the very edges of the screen.


This is not a hardware or software failure.

It is expected behavior with Windows 8 PCs if the two monitors are duplicated and have different settings.

You may work around the problem by choosing matching aspect ratios, using a mouse, or set the dual displays in extended mode rather than duplicate.

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Sidste ændringsdato: 04/04/2018 04:03 PM

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