Dell XPS 10 Tablet Windows RT May Fail After Resuming by Opening Tablet While Docked

Article Summary: This article addresses a blue-screen problem that may occur when a customer suspends the Dell XPS 10 tablet by closing it with the keyboard dock and then resumes by opening.

Owners of Dell XPS 10 tablet devices may experience a blue screen error after a suspend/resume cycle via tablet close/open while docked. This would occur with a docked tablet that was suspended by closing the tablet/keyboard dock and then the user attempts to resume by opening it.

If the Dell XPS 10 tablet is docked and the user performs a suspend & resume cycle by closing the device and then re-opening it, they may experience a blue screen error. This can occur if they swipe the touchpad immediately after opening the device. If this does occur, the error will slowly process from 0% to 100%, pause for a few minutes and then reboot.

A solution will be pushed via the Microsoft Update process in the weeks ahead. Until then, users should be asked not to swipe the mouse immediately upon resuming the system. 

Artikelnummer: SLN148550

Sidste ændringsdato: 01/29/2013 12:00 AM

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