What has priority when SED and HCA are both enabled on Dell Data Protection Enterprise Edition

Which encryption policy takes priority, Self Encrypting Deives (SED) or Hardware Crypto Accelerators (HCA)?

Affected Products:

Dell Data Protection | Enterprise Edition
Dell Data Protection | SED
Dell Data Protection | HCA

Encryption Hierarchy:

  1. Highest Priority - SED
  2. Next priority - HCA
  3. Next priority - SDE
Note: User and Common encryption will be applied with any of the above encryption techs and is not impacted by any priority.
Note: Whenever an endpoint has HCA and SED installed and enabled, the policy to encrypt both may be enabled by the Dell Data Protection | Enterprise Edition, SED will take priority over HCA in this scenario.

For any questions/concerns, please call Dell Data Protection ProSupport at: 877.459.7304 Ext. 4310039. For support outside the US, reference ProSupport’s International Contact numbers list. You can also join us on our Dell Security Community Forum.

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