How to reset the BIOS on a Dell PowerEdge Server?

This article explains how to restore the BIOS defaults settings on a Dell PowerEdge Server. This procedure may be valid for other Dell products.
  1. Power on the system.
  2. While the blue Dell logo is visible, press the < F2 > key to enter the System Setup.

  3. Enter the "System BIOS" section

  4. Click on the button "Default" in the low end corner.

  5. A popup will ask the confirmation of action, press "Yes".

  6. The BIOS settings are now reset.
If it doesn't work try the following sequence:
  • Press the < Num Lock > key, and verify that the Num Lock light is on.
  • Press the < Caps Lock > key, and verify that the Caps Lock light is on.
  • Press the < Scroll Lock > key, and verify that the Scroll Lock light is on. The lights on the keyboard should all be illuminated as in Figure 1.
  • Press the < Alt >+< F > keys at the same time. The system will beep as the setup defaults are restored.

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