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The XPS 1820 On-Screen Touch keyboard may be disabled by default after a Windows 10 upgrade

This article provides the information on "The XPS 1820 On-Screen Touch keyboard may be disabled by default after a Windows 10 upgrade".

On-Screen Touch keyboard may be disabled.

Some XPS 1820 touchscreen system users have notices that the On-Screen Touch keyboard (the keyboard that appears on the touchscreen to type when no keyboard is attached to the system) does not appear by clicking or touch the registration field, the On-Screen Touch keyboard is not activated after the system was upgraded to Windows 10.

This issue was isolated to XPS 1820 systems that had a manual reinstallation of Windows 10 32-bit edition. (It is possible that other system models may be affected.)

Disabled by Default.

The On-Screen Touch Keyboard setting is "Off".

To enable the On-Screen Touch keyboard complete these steps:

  1. Click/Tap the "Start" button, Click/Tap "Settings". The Settings Window will appear. (See Figure 1.)
    Open Settings Window
    Figure 1. - Open Settings Window
  2. Click/Tap "Devices" in the Settings Window (See Figure 2.)
    Selecting Devices
    Figure 2. - Selecting Devices
  3. Click/Tap "Typing" in the Devices Window
  4. Find the 'Automatically show the touch keyboard in windowed apps when there is no keyboard attached to your device'. Set it to 'On'.
  5. Close the Window using the X in the upper right corner of the screen.

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