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Dell Chromebook Battery Status LEDs

Learn what the battery status LED light status mean on a Dell Chromebook and how to resolve charging issues.

Battery Charge Indicator Light

The battery charge indicator LED light will either be located on the front or on the right side of the computer.

The table below lists the definition of the status LED light.

Power Source
System Power State
Battery Charge Level
LED behavior
AC Adapter
S0 - S5
Higher than 96%
AC Adapter
S0 - S5
Less than 96%
S0 - S5
> Low to Fully Charged
S0 or S3
Low to Critically Low
Solid Amber
Low to Critically Low
S0 - S5
Battery Error
Blinking Amber
  • S0 (ON) — System is turned on.
  • S3 (Sleep) — System is in sleep state. It consumes less power.
  • S4 (Hibernate) — The system consumes the least power compared to all other sleep states. The system is almost at an OFF state, expect for a trickle power. The context data is written to hard drive.
  • S5 (OFF) — The system is in a shutdown state.

Battery Health and Charging

Note: You should always keep the charge on your battery above 1%, letting the battery completely discharge can be harmful to your computer and the battery may not charge from a completely discharged state.

When the battery does not seem to be charging:

  1. Try another A/C Adapter if one is available.

  2. Try following the steps outlined in the following article: How to recover and reset the Chrome OS

  3. Perform a battery health test on the battery with the A/C adapter. For more information refer to Dell Knowledge base article Battery Health Check.

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