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Unfused Toner on a Dell 2150cn/cdn Laser Printer

Before diagnosing any Print Quality Issue, please refer to this article:

Identifying and Defining Print Quality Issues on Dell Laser Printers

Unfused Toner is a Print Quality Issue (PQI) where the toner on a printed document is loose, and can either be rubbed off the page or is not attached at all.

Unfused toner can be caused by incorrect Paper Type settings, out of spec print media, damage or malfunction of the fuser unit or incompatible toner.

Check the Paper Type Setting

To change the Paper Type setting:
  1. Press the Menu button.
  2. Press the Down arrow until Tray Settings is highlighted, then press Select (Tick).
  3. Select the tray you are printing from, for example Tray 1.
  4. Select Paper Type.
  5. Choose the paper type to use, then press Select.
In general, use:
  • Plain for paper weights 60 to 90 grams per square metre (gsm)
  • Plain Thick for 90 to 105gsm
  • Covers for 105 to 163gsm
  • Covers Thick for 164 to 216gsm.
Note that as paper weight increases, the printing speed is reduced. Duplex (double sided) printing is not supported for Covers and Covers Thick settings.

For troubleshooting, set the weight to Covers Thick initially. If this resolves the problem reduce the weight and test again. Set the printer to the lightest weight that produces acceptable results.

Adjust the Fuser Temperature

With the Paper Type set to Covers Thick:
  1. Press the Menu button.
  2. Press the Down arrow until Admin Menu is highlighted, then press Select (Tick).
  3. Select Maintenance.
  4. Select Adjust Fuser.
  5. Select Covers Thick.
  6. Select 2.
Fuser temperature can be set between -2 (cooler) and 2 (hotter).

For troubleshooting set the fuser to 2 (hottest). If this resolves the issue reduce the temperature and test again. Set the fuser to the coolest temperature that produces acceptable results.

Fit a New or Known Good (Working) Fuser

Physical damage or electrical malfunction in the fuser unit may cause this issue.

If you have a new fuser, or can borrow one from another working printer replace the fuser unit.

Replace Refilled or 3rd Party Toner with Genuine Dell Cartridges

The toner found in refiled or 3rd party cartidges may have a higher melting point or otherwise be incompatible with your printer.

Note that the toner is not applied directly from the cartridge to the page. If incompatible toner is used it will take some time after replacing the cartridge for the problem toner to be flushed out of the printer.

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