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How and When to configure AirGroup and AirGroup Service on a Dell Networking Wireless Instant Access Point

This article explains how and when to configure AirGroup Service on a Dell Networking Wireless Instant Access Point.

  1. What is AirGroup?
  2. Configure AirGroup on an Instant Access Point.
What is AirGroup

AirGroup is a unique enterprise-class capability that leverages zero configuration networking to enable Bonjour® services such as Apple® AirPrint and AirPlay from mobile devices in an efficient manner. Apple AirPlay and AirPrint services are based on the Bonjour protocol are essential services in campus Wi-Fi networks.
Zero configuration networking enables service discovery, address assignment, and name resolution for desktop computers, mobile devices, and network services. It is designed for flat, single-subnet IP networks such as wireless networking at home. Bonjour is the trade name for the zero configuration implementation introduced by Apple. It is supported by most of the Apple product lines, including the Mac OS X operating system, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV, and AirPort Express.

Bonjour can be installed on computers running Microsoft Windows® and is supported by the new network-capable printers. Bonjour is also included with popular software programs such as Apple iTunes, Safari, and iPhoto. Bonjour uses multicast DNS (mDNS) to locate devices and the services offered by these devices. The AirGroup solution supports both wired and wireless devices. Wired devices, which support the Bonjour services are made part of AirGroup when the VLANs of the devices are terminated on the Virtual Controller.

Configure AirGroup on an Instant Access Point
  1. Click the More>Services link at the top right corner of the Instant main window page.
  2. Click Air Group tab. The Air group tab details are displayed
  3. Select the Enable Air Group check box. The AirGroup configuration parameters are displayed.
  4. Select the Enable Guest Bonjour multicast to allow the users to use Bonjour services enabled in a guest VLAN. When this check box is enabled, the Bonjour devices are visible only in the guest VLAN and AirGroup will not discover or enforce policies in guest VLAN.
  5. Select the Enable Air Group across mobility domains check box to enable enter cluster mobility. Instant supports to types: Intra Cluster - In the Intra Cluster model, the IAP does not share the mDNS database information with the other clusters. Inter Cluster - In the Inter Cluster model, the IAP shares the mDNS database information with the other clusters. The DNS records in the Virtual Controller can be shared with all the Virtual Controllers configured for L3 Mobility. By default this feature is disabled. To define clusters, go to System>L3 Mobility tab.
  6. Select the required AirGroup services. The service IDs associated with an AirGroup service are also displayed. To add any service, click New and add. To allow all services, select allowall.
  7. Based on the services configured, you can block any user roles and VLAN from accessing an AirGroup service. The user roles and VLANs marked as disallowed are prevented from accessing the corresponding AirGroup service. You can create a list of disallowed user roles and VLANs for all AirGroup services configured on the IAP. For example, If the AirPlay service is selected, the edit links for the airplay disallowed roles and airplay disallowed vlans are displayed. Similarly, if sharing service is selected, the edit links for the sharing disallowed roles and sharing disallowed vlans are displayed.

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