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Unable to select Legacy boot options in the Inspiron 20 (3043) all in one system

This article provides the information on "Inspiron 20 (3043) all in one system users have encountered the inability to select legacy boot options in the system BIOS".

Unable to select Legacy boot options.

An Inspiron 20 (3043) system user was unable to select any Legacy boot options in their system.

Secure Boot was disabled, yet the cursor skipped the legacy boot options which were grayed out.

Update the system BIOS

After installation of the Inspiron 20 (3043) A12 BIOS update (Click the hyperlink to go to the download page, Drivers and downloads, BIOS Section and download the A12 or later BIOS update) The Load Legacy Option Rom setting became available after turning off the Secure Boot option.

Once Legacy Option Roms was enabled, the following options became available in the one-time-boot menu. (The USB option didn't show up till I plugged in a USB drive).

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