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How Do I Install the Intel® 865G Chipset Driver in Microsoft® Windows® XP on My Dell™ OptiPlex™ GX270 Computer? - KB Article - 131408

Install the Chipset Driver from the OptiPlex ResourceCD Version 5.03 - 5.11

To determine which version of the OptiPlex ResourceCD you have, refer to the Dell KB Article: "What is the Dell OptiPlex ResourceCD and how do I determine which version I have" Article ID: 162036.

The chipset driver must be installed before proceeding with other driver updates.

  1. Insert the OptiPlex ResourceCD into the CD or DVD drive. The OptiPlex AMF ResourceCD version 5.03 or 5.11 screen appears.

  2. Click the System Model drop-down menu, then select OptiPlex GX270/GX270N.

  3. Click the Operating System drop-down menu, then select Windows XP.

  4. Click the Topic drop-down menu, then select Drivers.

  5. Click Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility found in the list to the right.

  6. Read the Installation Instructions, and then click the Extract button.

  7. When the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility Driver window appears, click Continue.

  8. When a window appears asking where to unzip the files, click OK to accept C:\dell\Drivers\R58201\.

  9. Click Yes to begin copying the files.

  10. When the message All files were successfully unzipped appears, click OK.

  11. Click Install Now.

  12. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the chipset driver installation.

Download and Install the Intel® 865G Chipset Driver from the Dell Support Website

  1. Browse to Dell Support.

    You may need to change or enter your Service Tag information if you have more than one Dell system or if this is the first time you have visited your Dell Support site. For more information about your Service Tag, refer to the Dell KB Article: "What is a Service Tag and How Do I Locate It" Article ID: 161942.

  2. Click the link for Downloads.

  3. Under Choose a Dell System, select OptiPlex GX270 from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click Go.

  5. Under Select Your Download Category, select Chipset.

  6. Under Select an Operating System, select Microsoft Windows XP.

  7. Click Go.

  8. Click the link for Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility twice.

  9. Click the link of the file name listed.

  10. Under the Download and Install section, click either Download Now Using HTTP or Download Now Using FTP.

  11. When the File Download box appears, click Open.

  12. Click Continue.

  13. When a window appears asking where to unzip the files, click OK to accept the default path. A message about the location not existing appears.

  14. Click Yes. The files are uncompressed to the hard drive, and the message All Files were successfully unzipped appears.

  15. Click OK.

  16. When the Dell Software Installation Documentation window appears, click Install now.

  17. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the driver installation.


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