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OptiPlex FX170: Fequently Asked Questions

Article Summary: Article describes frequently asked questions for the OptiPlex FX170.

Table of Contents:
  1. FAQs



  • Is there away to set a system password in DeTOS?

  • Setting the Agent Password will restrict users from accessing the DeTOS Control Panel
    To set the Password:

  • Select DeTOS ? DeTOS Control Panel
  • Click the Management icon on the left hand side of the Control Panel
  • Click the [+] to open the Agent Password section of this screen.
  • Enter a password in the password field and re-enter it to confirm your password.

  • Does DeTOS support ELO touch screen Monitors?

  • There is not currently any touch screen monitor support with VDI Blaster. Devon IT's development team has taken this feature under consideration for future software releases.

  • Can you configure a network printer on DeTOS?

  • There is not currently any network printer configuration support for VDI Blaster. Devon IT's development team has taken this feature under consideration for future software releases.

  • I have another monitor plugged into my DeTOS terminal, but cannot get the Dual display to work?

  • Dual monitors are supported in DeTOS. Please see page 20 of the DeTOS manual for help with this issue.

  • I'm not using the Devon IT Echo™ Thin Client Management Software to manage my terminals. I can configure DeTOS just fine, but when I reboot the terminal all configurations are lost. I can reconfigure but experience this problem after ever reboot.

  • Make sure that Enable Local Storage is enabled. While running in this mode, DeTOS will write to the local DOM every time configurations are added, deleted or modified under the DeTOS Control Panel.

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