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Latitude E6530. E6430, E6330 (E6x30) portable wireless WLAN signal weak issue with LCD lid closed

Article Summary: This article provides information on WLAN / WiFi signal drop when the Lid is closed on a Latitude E6x30 Notebook.

WLAN wireless signal degraded when the lid is closed.

When you close the lid on Your E6x30 system, is the wireless throughput degraded? If so can anything be done about this?

Unfortunately, Wi-Fi signal attenuation when the LCD lid is closed is unavoidable. The back of the LCD panel cover is metal. A portion of the system board is mounted just under the palm rest. There is also another metal layer under the system board within the notebook’s plastic chassis.

This means that when the LCD lid is closed, the antennas that are in the LCD assembly are sandwiched between the palm rest and the metal layer of the LCD assembly. Not only will the antennas be more exposed to RF interference from the system board but the resonant frequencies of the antennas will also be altered slightly. Because of the proximity of the antennas between the metal layer of the LCD assembly and the metal layer that lies beneath the system board under the palm rest, the throughput of the WLAN device will be reduced.


It's expected that when a notebook system is used with the lid closed, that the system will either have a wired connection or be in a dock that has a wired connection. This is the type of use which these systems were designed for.

If a wired connection isn't possible and you need to have a full speed WLAN connection when the LCD lids closed, then operate the docked system with the LCD open or use of an external USB WLAN adapter.

There will be no changes made to the E6x30 systems to address this phenomenom, It is expected behavior.

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