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Completing a Silent Install of the Windows 7 64-bit N-Trig Multi-Touch Digitizer Driver on the Latitude XT2

Article Summary: This article provides instructions for completing a silent installation of the Windows 7 64-bit N-Trig Multi-Touch Digitizer driver on a Dell Latitude XT2.

If you need to do a silent install of the Windows 7 64-bit N-Trig Multi-Touch Digitizer driver on a Dell Latitude XT2 rather than a standard installation, please follow the instructions below.

1. Insure that the XT2 is connected to AC Power and NOT on the Media Base or Battery Slice.

2. Download the N-Trig Multi-Touch Digitizer driver for Windows 7 64-bit for the XT2 using the following link:


3. Rename ".exe" to ".zip".

4. Extract "DuoSense_MT_RTM_Win7_64bit_LatitudeXT2_3.49.exe".

5. Run the Driver install using "DuoSense_MT_RTM_Win7_64bit_LatitudeXT2_3.49.exe -ND -S".

6. Wait for five minutes.

7. Run the Host Software install using "DuoSense_MT_RTM_Win7_64bit_LatitudeXT2_3.49.exe -NH -S".

8. Wait for five minutes.

9. Run the Firmware install using "DuoSense_MT_RTM_Win7_64bit_LatitudeXT2_3.49.exe -NF -S".

10. Wait for ten minutes before rebooting after executing the Firmware install (check the Processes tab of the Windows Task Manager to make sure "DuoSense_MT_RTM_Win7_64bit_LatitudeXT2_3.49.exe*32" is not listed).

11. After rebooting the system, the N-Trig Multi-Touch Digitizer Calibration screen will appear.

12. If the firmware has not been correctly installed, the N-Trig Multi-Touch Digitizer will display an error concerning "too many HID devices" installed.

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