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How to Install and Configure the Local and Remote System Management Options on Dell PowerEdge 9G, 11G, 12G and Blade Chassis Servers

This article provides information on how to install and configure the local and remote System Management options in Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) on Dell PowerEdge 9G, 10G, 11G, 12G and Blade Servers.

Choose Your Server Generation

Over the years, many different types of PowerEdge servers have been introduced and there was wide variety of product and family codes used within the PowerEdge name.
There was not a structured method of naming until Dell introduced the Generation 10 family.

For more information on how to identify the generation of your Dell PowerEdge server, you can review the following article : How to identify which generation your Dell PowerEdge server belongs to.
PowerEdge 12G Range PowerEdge 11G Ranges PowerEdge 9G & 10G Range M1000e Blade Chassis

R720, T620, R520, M620

R710, T610, R510, M610

1900, 2950, T300, R805

M1000e and VRTX

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