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Distorted Sound From Notebook Speakers When Using VLC Media Player

Article Summary: This article has information on some of the steps to resolve audio issues while using VLC Media Player (India, Vietnam) and BaoFeng, Xunlei, SheShou and Baidu media players (China).

Issue with increased volume while using VLC Media Player

When using VLC Media Player, volume can be increased to maximum output. This eventually distorts the speaker output.

If audio/video playback is continuously done using VLC Media Player with volume higher than 100% over a period of time, even if the volume is kept at a lower level later, sound would be distorted. This distortion is permanent.

Why does this happen?

Some audio applications like VLC Media Player will allow large power output through speaker, approximately 200% to 400% of original sound output. In this situation, excessive usage may damage the speaker.

What is the resolution?

Audio/ Speaker Issues – All Dell Inspiron and Dell Vostro laptop PCs

If you are using VLC or any other amplification software, ensure that the:

  • Update the device drivers from Dell Drivers & downloads website. Installing Microsoft Windows from Ubuntu will use only the native device drivers.
  • Upate the System BIOS to the latest available version. Download and Install the latest BIOS for your Dell computer. For more information, refer to the Dell knowledge-base article What is BIOS and How to Check and Update the System Setup or BIOS on Your Dell System.
  • Ensure that the audio output from media players like VLC Media Player does not exceed 100% and internal audio does not go beyond 95%.
  • Use audio files with a bitrate of 320kbps for optimum quality and disable all audio enhancement.
  • Correct Audio/Sound Card drivers are installed on your Dell computer. For computers installed with Microsoft Windows, for more information refer to the Dell knowledge-base article How to Download and Install a Driver?.
Note: Installing the latest Audio/Sound Card drivers will ensure that the System BIOS on your computer can control the maximum sound output delivered to the speakers. This could potentially avoid any damage to the speaker due to high amplification of sound by some applications.

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