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Dell Backup and Recovery (DBaR) and Windows 10

This article provides the information on "Dell Backup and Recovery (DBaR) and Windows 10".

DBaR 1.9 is only available for systems that upgrade to Windows 10.

The DBaR Update to version 1.9 is only available to systems that upgrade to Windows 10. This is to maintain compatibility for the DBaR application.

Systems that ship with Windows 10 will not have DBaR pre-installed.

NOTE: If DBaR is not updated as recommended (prior to updating to Windows 10), the only recourse left is to revert back to previous working OS. If the OS rollback not successful, the final solution may require a fresh OS and DBAR reinstall.

Update notification.

Dell systems that have Dell Backup and Recovery (DBaR) and have upgraded to the Windows 10 operating system will notice a Dell Recommended Update on the Dell Backup and Recovery dashboard. This Windows 10 update will update DBaR to version 1.9 which is fully compatible with Windows 10.

If a download link is needed for DBaR 1.9 it can be downloaded from the following link: Dell Backup and Recovery (DBaR) Version 1.9 (See Figure 1.)

NOTE: DBaR 1.9 SHOULD NOT be installed on systems that shipped with Windows 10. DBaR 1.9 is ONLY for WINDOWS 10 UPGRADE SYSTEMS.

Systems that ship with Windows 10 installed from the factory use the Windows 10 native Backup and Restore. Windows Backup and Restore can be found by Clicking Start, Settings, Update & Security then Backup.

DBaR Dell Recommendation for update
Figure 1. DBaR Dell Recommendation for update

Click the Install Upgrade Button to start the upgrade process. (See Figure 2.)

DBaR install update
Figure 2. - DBaR install update

Then click the Start Button. (See Figure 3.)

DBaR Start button
Figure 3. - DBaR Start button

If you check for a web update on DBaR while in Windows 8.1 then you will be shown the message below: (See Figure 4.)

DBaR Update available
Figure 4. - DBaR Update available

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