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Latitude E5450/E7250 - McAfee Endpoint Encryption error message with SanDisk SSD's

This article provides the information on "McAfee Endpoint Encryption error messages when being used with specific SanDisk solid state drives (SSD) on select systems".

Latitude Exx50 systems report encryption error with Sandisk SSD.

Latitude Exx50 systems equipped with a Sandisk Solid State Drive (SSD) may generate encryption error messages when encryption is attempted using McAfee Endpoint Encryption. Other Dell products with these SSDs may be affected.

Error messages displayed:

  • 0xEE000005 Failed to deserialize type
  • 0xEE0D0001 Failed to read registry file

Affected solid state drive models:

  • 81R6T (256GB, SSDR,SATA3,7MM,TLC,Sandisk,X300)
  • 4VG3M (128GB SSDR,SATA3,3.8MM,TLC,MCARD,Sandisk,X300)
  • HTTR1 (256GB,SSDR,SATA3,3.8MM,TLC,MCARD,Sandisk,X300)

Latitude Exx50 users also reported testing Samsung and LiteOn solid state drives and those devices do not experience any errors during the McAfee Endpoint encryption process.


The SanDisk X300 Series SSD Firmware Update is now available under the Serial ATA section of the Drivers and Downloads for affected systems. Currently Version X3520012, A00 Released 29 Dec 2015.

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