List of Dell Data Protection Virtual Edition Components and Logs

As a Dell Data Protection | Virtual Edition best practice, restart the services any time a settings change is made. This article describes what the VE services are and where they are located.

Affected Products:

Dell Data Protection | Virtual Edition v8.4

The following table describes each Service and its function.

Component Name


Dell Message Broker

Enterprise Server Bus

Dell Identity Server

Handles domain authentication requests.

Dell Compatibility Server

A Service for managing the enterprise architecture.

Dell Console Web Services

Supports DDP Enterprise Server -VE communication with the Dell Compatibility Server.

Dell Security Server Provides the mechanism for controlling commands and communication with Active Directory. Used to communicate with the Dell Policy Proxy.
Dell Compliance Reporter Provides an extensive view of the environment for auditing and compliance reporting.
Dell Core Server A Service for managing the enterprise architecture.
Dell Inventory Server Processes the inventory queue.
Dell Forensic Server Provides web services for Forensic API.
Dell Policy Proxy Provides a network-based communication path to deliver security policy updates and inventory updates.

To check the status of DDP | Enterprise Server - VE Services, from the the Main Menu, select Server Status.

View Logs

To check the following logs, in the Main Menu, select View Logs.

System Logs

  • Syslog Log
  • Mail Log
  • Vsftpd Log
  • Auth Log (SSH)
  • Postgres Log
  • Monitor Log

Server Logs

  • Compatibility Server
  • Console Server
  • Security Server
  • Message Broker
  • Core Server
  • Compliance Reporter
  • Local Server
  • Inventory Server
  • Forensic Server
  • Proxy Logs
Note: If the data base customizer process fails, servers move to the Execution Failed state. To check the data base customizer log, in the Main Menu, select View Logs.

Additional reference information may be found in the DDP Enterprise Server - Virtual Edition Quick Start Guide and Installation Guide

For any questions/concerns, please call Dell Data Protection ProSupport at: 877.459.7304 Ext. 4310039. For support outside the US, reference ProSupport’s International Contact numbers list. You can also join us on our Dell Security Community Forum.

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