XPS 12-9250, Latitude 12-7275: 30-second delay when connecting mobility base thin keyboard to system display

If you are experiencing a 30-second delay after connecting your thin keyboard/ mobility base on an XPS12-9250 or Latitude 12-7275, try these steps to update the firmware.

Keyboard or touchpad does not work for 30 seconds after connected to display.

After connecting your XPS 12-9250 or Latitude 12-7275 system tablet to the mobility base/thin keyboard, your keyboard and touchpad may not function for the first 30 seconds. Once connected for 30 seconds, the keyboard and touchpad function normally. This delay is the result of a mismatch between the system BIOS and keyboard. Follow the process below to update your firmware.

Dell mobility base

Figure 1. Mobility base/ thin keyboard

Update the keyboard firmware.

You can resolve this issue by updating the mobility base or thin keyboard firmware from the Dell Support website.

  1. You can download the latest firmware from the Dell Support website page for the XPS 12-9250 or Latitude 12-7275
  2. Enter your Service Tag number, auto-detect the service tag or click the View Products Link in the Browse for a Product box, select the product type then system model to identify your system.
  3. Select the Drivers and Downloads section, then scroll down to Mouse, Keyboard & Input Devices.
  4. Select the ALPS Track Pad Firmware Update then click the Download link to download version, A01 updated 14 Apr. 2016 (or newer version if available).

After the firmware is installed, the keyboard/touchpad should activate after 3 seconds. The backlight on the mobility base will illuminate when it is active.

For more information on downloading and installing drivers, please see Drivers and Downloads FAQs.

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