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Removing the Fuser Unit on a Dell 5350dn Laser Printer

Article Summary: This article provides information on "Removing the Fuser Unit on a Dell 5350dn Laser Printer".

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  1. Removing the Fuser Unit on a Dell 5350dn Laser Printer


Removing the Fuser Unit on a Dell 5350dn Laser Printer

To remove the Fuser Unit from the 5350dn Laser Printer for replacement, please follow the guide below:

1. on the top of the 5350dn Printer, please identify the Fuser Wiper cover

2. Squeeze the tab and lift top remove the fuser wiper cover

3. Turn the Printer and open the rear cover

4. with the door open, Identify the fuser door cord on the right hand side

5. turn the cord 90 degrees and remove through the slot (as shown below)

6. with the cord removed and the rear fuser door open, remove the door entirely by lifting from the bottom hinges

7. Identify the two clips on left and right hand side of the internal fuser door and open

8. with the internal fuser door open, identify the clips and push them inwards (they should remain locked in place)

9. use the handle in the centre of the fuser and pull the fuser unit towards you and out of the printer

10. The fuser should now be removed

11. Reverse the process to reinstall the Fuser Unit

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