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PERC - 25GB and 50GB SATA SSD Drives on PERC™ H200 or PERC™ S100 are Not Detected Under VMWare™ 4.x

Article Summary: This article provides information on VMWare 4.x may only recognize one physical 25GB and 50GB SATA Samsung RBX™ SSD drive even though more than one is present in system.


VMWare 4.x may only recognize one physical 25GB and 50GB SATA Samsung RBX SSD drive even though more than one is present in system.

VMware uses the WWN (worldwide name) in its drive enumeration process.

It has been determined that the Samsung RBX drive does not have unique identifiers in the WWN field. Because of this, only one drive will be displayed.

This condition is seen with more than one non-RAIDed physical disks that are being attached to an H200 or S100 with a VMware OS.

The following part numbers are affected:
  • DP/N H540J
  • DP/N G914J


Since the Samsung RBX drives are not supported and sold in platforms that support both H200/S100 and ESX4.x, the customer will not receive this configuration shipping from the Dell factory. However, they could encounter this if the customer migrates existing Samsung RBX 25 or 50GB drives into a server with an H200 or S100 controller.

New SSD firmware will not be made available for this issue.

If individual physical disk drives in a non-RAID config are desired you may use only one Samsung RBX drive.

Or, the customer may purchase the following drives which have a unique work wide name:
  • DP/N Y949P
  • DP/N G613R


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