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Force10 How to view MAC Address Table entries via SNMP from Dell Force10 Switches

By default, an snmpwalk on the dot1dTpFdbTable of a Dell Force10 switch will not return the MAC address table (Forwarding Database) of the switch.

Note: The dot1dTpFdbTable is contained in the dot1dBridge MIB

Here is a link for the dot1dBridge MIB tree example in detail which is a common OUI:


In order to allow the Dell Force10 SNMP agent to respond to snmpgets for the dot1dTpFdbTable, a hidden CLI command needs to be enabled.

  1. Login to the CLI of a Dell Force10 switch.
  2. Type in "enable", hit return and enter the privileged-exec enable password.
  3. Enter the switch configuration mode by tying "configure".
  4. Type "enable-dot1d-mibwalk", hit enter.
  5. Exit out of the config.
  6. Save config by typing "write", hit enter.

Executed commands from the above steps:

The following shows the results from a mibwalk on the dot1dTpFdbTable
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