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How to resolve the "No Boot Device available" error with AMT on Dell Desktop Systems

This article discusses a "No Boot Device Available" Error seen on start-up or a No boot issue after a motherboard replacement. System may ask for the AMT settings to be entered.
The information below applies to Dell desktop systems for Poweredge servers please see article Dell PowerEdge: "No Boot Device Available" is displayed during startup.

Issue: No boot device available

System may exhibit the symptoms shown below :

  • System may start in 'Manufacturing Mode' instead of normal mode.
  • Error "No Boot Device Available" displayed on start-up
  • System may ask for Intel AMT settings to be set before continuing.

On most occasions one of the systems above is seen after the system's Motherboard has been replaced.

Note: If your system does not have IAMT configured or recently had a motherboard replaced see article Understanding and Troubleshooting Your Hard Drive for more troubleshooting options.


Follow these steps:

  1. Press <Alt> + <F> after the Dell Logo appears.

    Note: The screen may flash up quickly so you may need to try the above keystroke multiples times as there is a short window of opportunity for the system to recognize the key-press. (Alt+F)
  2. Once the Manufacturing Mode screen appears just follow the onscreen instructions to proceed.

  3. If it prompts for you to enter a number for the Management settings (Intel AMT) go to the link below for further instructions

  1. To ensure the Manufacturing Mode has been reset, please shutdown the system and turn it on again to check it boots up

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