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Why Is the Network Interface Card (NIC) on My Dell WebPC Not Working, or Reports the Network Cannot be Detected? - Technical Tip - 164333

For troubleshooting these problems, use the Microsoft Windows 98 Network Troubleshooter.

There are numerous reasons that can cause the inability of a Network Interface Card (NIC) to see or connect to a network. For troubleshooting these problems, use the Microsoft Windows 98 Network Troubleshooter. You can locate the Network Troubleshooter by clicking on START | HELP, and then click on the SEARCH tab. Type NETWORK TROUBLESHOOTER in the search box, and then click on LIST TOPICS.

If you are still having trouble after going through the Network Troubleshooter, consult with your network administrator for help or browse the Dell Knowledge Base by going to Dell Support click the Fix-It link, then click Dell Knowledge Base. If you or your network administrator is unable to resolve the problem, write down any error messages you encounter and the results of each step of the Network Troubleshooter.

You can learn how to use E-Support by pressing the E button on the front of your Dell WebPC. Once the Dell Resolution Assistant is open, click on the LEARN tab on the right hand side of the browser, and then click on the Learn how to use E-Support link at the top.

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