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BIOS Event Logs and Diagnostic Logging on Dell Laptops

This article provides information on the event logs stored in the System BIOS on Dell Laptops.

Error Logs Stored in system BIOS

Starting with the E-series of Latitude laptops and some Precision laptops, diagnostics both ePSA (extended Pre-boot System Assessment) and DOS based, BIOS thermal and power events can all be logged in the BIOS. The system stores logs in each category moving the oldest one down. Each log consists of a date and time stamp, and a description of the type of event. In the case of the diagnostics the event may show an error code (Figure 1).

NOTE: On most Dell systems you enter the system setup or BIOS settings by pressing F2 at the dell splash screen during start up. For more information please see the knowledge article:
What is BIOS and How to Check and Update the System Setup or BIOS on Your Dell System

Figure 1: Sample of the BIOS Event Logs

Bios Events

The logs come under the following categories

BIOS Events

This field allows you to view and clear BIOS POST events. It includes the the date and time of the event as well as the LED code.

DellDiag Events

This field allows you to view the diagnostic results from DellDiags and PSA. It includes the time and date, the diagnostic and version which was run and the resulting code.

Thermal Events

This field allows you to view and clear thermal events. It includes the the date and time as well as the name of the event.

Power Events

This field allows you to view and clear power events. It icludes the the date and time of the event as well as the power state and reason.

NOTE: The BIOS log categories may vary depending on system type.

These logs can be very helpful in troubleshooting, especially tracking down intermittent problems which can be the most difficult. For example, if the computer is randomly and intermittently shutting down, it might be due to a thermal events that will be logged. It can then be much easier to determine from the time and type of thermal event that the problem could be caused by either behaviour, environment, or hardware failure.

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