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Premier Recent Order Status

Access has been streamlined - just click the Order Status icon in the navigation menu at the top of your Premier Page.
Performance has been enhanced - it will be even faster for you to view the status of your orders.

Dell has available for you the Online Order Status tool to check the status of your order and view a variety of options relating to current and past Dell purchases (up to two years). This online web application enables you to check the progress of your order at any time. You can track your orders placed, both online or offline.

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How to Access Order Status on Premier

To check your Order Status, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Premier Page
  2. Once your page loads you can access Order Status by clicking on the Order Status link (sack barrow) in the tool belt underneath the Premier navigation (Figure 1: Order Status link location).
Order Status link location
Figure 1: Order Status link location

Available Information

You should have access to all of your orders within the last two (2) years that have a status of In Production, Pre Production, Shipped, Delivered or Canceled. If you do not see a list of orders linked to your customer number(s), but you are asked to enter in an Order Number and Verify with a Customer Number, please contact your Dell Account Team in order to turn on this functionality.

If you need to find your Dell Sales Representative for your online Premier Webpage please view this article: How to find your Dell Sales Representative for your online Premier Webpage

The screenshot below shows the Online Order Status details page (Figure 2: Online Order Status details page).

Premier Recent Orders details page
Figure 2: Online Order Status details page

Some of the information available on the Online Order Status details page are:

  • Carrier Company
  • Delivery information (information available is dependent on the status of the order and if provided by the carrier)
  • Estimated Delivery Date
  • Order Date
  • Order Invoice (available once the order has shipped)
  • Order Status
  • Packing Slip (available once the order has shipped)
  • Provides an "At-a-glance" summary status bar
  • Related customer information, such as Customer Number, Order Number and PO Number
  • Shipped Date
  • Tracking link, tracking number - if the carrier link is available, you will be taken through to the carrier website for order tracking

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Filter and Search

The Premier Recent Order application allows you to filter and search by:

  • Customer Number
  • Description of the order, the Dell Purchase ID, the Order Number and/or your own PO Number
  • Status of the Order
  • Timeframe (Last 45 days, last 90 days, 6 months, last 1 year and last 2 years)

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Available Data Columns

The default and non default columns for Premier Recent Orders application are:

  • Dell Purchase ID
  • Description
  • Estimated Delivery
  • Order Date
  • Order Number
  • Other Actions
  • PO Number (not enabled by default)
  • Status
These columns can be customized by using the "Options" button on the page (Figure 3: Premier Recent Order Options button). Only seven (7) columns can be enabled at one time, you have to de-select a column before enabling another column.

Premier Recent Order Options button
Figure 3: Premier Recent Order Options button

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Export, Subscribe or Unsubscribe

There are three (3) actions that you can do with this report by using the "Select an Action" dropdown menu (Figure 4: Available Actions).

  1. Export all - if you select this action you can download your orders in an excel document.
  2. Subscribe to selected - you can select one or more order that have not been cancelled, shipped or delivered and subscribe to these orders. Results can be edited and an e-mail address can be registered to receive any order shipped or order delay e-mail notification for any order listed.
  3. Unsubscribe - you can unsubscribe to any order that you have previously subscribed to.
Available Actions
Figure 4: Available Actions

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Other Actions (Packing Slip, Order Invoice and Order Returns)

The Order Status application has other actions which provides you access to your Packing Slip and the Order Invoice for orders that are in a Shipped Status. You can also request to return an order from within the Order Status application (Figure 5: Other Actions).

Order Returns is based off of the Terms and Conditions of the Dell Return Policy. More information can be found during the Returns process.

Other Actions
Figure 5: Other Actions

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Order Details

When you click on any Order Number link the application will show you the details of the order including but not limited to (Figure 6: Order Details page):

  • Billing and Shipping details
  • Description
  • Estimated Delivery Date
  • Item
  • Item Number
  • Order Cost
  • Order Details (Order date, Order number, Shipping method, Customer number and Dell Purchase ID)
  • Order Status
  • Order Summary
  • Quantity
  • Tracking Information
  • Unit Price

Order Details page
Figure 6: Order Details page

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If you have any questions or need assistance:

Premier Support

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