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DRAC - Multiple Reboots Can Cause IPMI Command Errors, Lifecycle Recovery Mode, and "SWC0700: iDRAC is not ready" with iDRAC7 Firmware 1.30.30

This article provides information on multiple reboots can cause IPMI command errors, Lifecycle recovery mode, and SWC0700: iDRAC is not ready with iDRAC7 firmware 1.30.30.


With iDRAC7 version 1.30.30 multiple reboots can cause IPMI command errors, Lifecycle recovery mode and "SWC0700: iDRAC is not ready".

If F1/F2 prompt is enabled in the BIOS, the system will stop.


To clear the error:
  1. unplug PSU cables
  2. press the power button for at least 30 few seconds to drain the electricity in the server

Once done, plug the power cable and update the iDRAC firmware to 1.31.30 or greater, which can be downloaded on in the Drivers & Downloads section on

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Last Date Modified: 06/14/2017 04:49 AM

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