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Quality issue with the Dell 24-45W AC Adapter with 3-Position Duckhead Connector (DPN 8DHY9) - US ONLY

This article provides information on the quality issue with the Dell 24-45W AC Adapter with 3-Position Duckhead Connector (DPN 8DHY9) - this issue relates to the USA only.

Collapsible 3 position AC Adapter connector.

Based on reported quality failures, primarily in school districts, Dell is asking customers in the Education Segment (K12) to stop using the 3-position duckhead connector (available on Venue 11 Pro tablets, XPS 12 & 13 notebooks) and use a standard power cord to connect the AC Adapter to the power outlet. Dell has determined that the 3-position connector does not meet Dell’s high quality standards and is discontinuing the part. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: 3-position connector

We have also asked that they either return the used product to Dell or dispose of it responsibly. For more details on responsible disposal, please refer to Dell’s recycling website (

If their order did not include a standard power cord or if they no longer have the power cord, then Dell will provide a cord (2JVNJ) for each applicable order at no charge.


Question: Is this an issue with all Dell power cords and adapters?
Answer: No, Dell has confirmed the adapters are safe to use as intended, but we understand that customers are concerned about overall performance of these adapters. Thus, we are requesting customers in the education segment to immediately stop using the 3-position duckhead connector and use a standard power cord instead to connect the charger body to the power outlet. Dell power cords are not affected by this quality issue.

Question: What should the customer do with their duckhead connector?
Answer: Customers should contact Dell Technical Support ( to obtain information on how to return their duckhead connector to Dell or refer Dell’s recycling website ( on how to properly dispose of it.

Question: Is there a replacement adapter available?
Answer: Dell has determined the adapter does not meet our high quality standards and are discontinuing the part.

Question: What if the customer did not receive or no longer has access to a standard Dell power cord?
Answer: The customer can contact Dell Tech Support ( and a power cord will be provided for each applicable order.

Question: Are any other adapters affected?
Answer: Dell has determined that no other adapter or power cord is impacted by this issue.

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Last Date Modified: 11/27/2017 12:03 PM

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