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How do I Select Files to Backup with Mozy by Dell

Mozy by Dell allows an end-user to selects targeted files for a backup.

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Mozy by Dell

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The file selection backup process is dependent on the operating system platform. Reference your platform below for more information on the process.

  1. Right-click the Mozy icon in the Windows System Tray, select Settings, and then More Settings.

  1. Select the File System tab.

  1. Select the file and/or folders to backup.
  • Folders with a check mark and clear background have everything within the folder selected for backup. New files added to these folders will be automatically added to your backup.
  • A folder with a check mark and a grey background means that not all of the files/folders within the folder are selected for backup. New files added to these locations may not be automatically added to your backup.
  • If some of the backup settings are grayed out, click Change settings that are currently unavailable in the bottom-right corner of the Mozy UI. This option will allow you to select system files and folders for backup.

  1. Right-click the Mozy in the Menu bar and then select Open Mozy Preferences.

  1. Select the Files & Folders tab.

  1. Select the files/folders to backup.
  • A green dot next to a folder name indicates that an entire directory is selected for backup. New files added to this location will automatically be added to the backup.
  • A yellow dot means that not all files or folders are selected within the folder. New files added to these locations may not be automatically added to the backup.

For additional support, US based customer can call Dell Data Security ProSupport at: 877.459.7304 Ext. 4310039 or you may also contact us via the Chat Portal. For support outside the US, reference ProSupport’s International Contact Numbers list. Visit the Dell Security Community Forum to get insights from other community members and additional resources to help you manage your environment.

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