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Alienware Systems: My computer shows no image, is beeping or the indicator lights are blinking (No POST / Codes Table)

Alienware Systems: My computer shows no image, is beeping or the indicator lights are blinking (No post / Codes Table)

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  1. What's happening?
  2. Solution

The following article describes what to do if your Alienware is not displaying any image, is beeping or the indicator lights are blinking indicating a malfunction.

1. What’s happening?

If your Alienware system stops displaying image while is powering up, usually this indicate a failure, however this can be caused software or hardware. If your system is beeping or the Indicator lights (Caps/Num/Scroll lock) are blinking in certain order, this will tell you the computer is not completing the POST (Power On Self-Test), if this happen the computer will give you failure code of though beeps or Indicator lights depending on the computer model.

This article provides the steps you need to follow in order to determine if your Alienware needs to be serviced or not.

Below you will find the NO POST Beep / Indicator Light (Caps/Num/Scroll) codes Table. This will apply when the computer is not posting or not giving image when is ON followed by combination of beep codes, and the computer is not operating as usual. This series of beeps is called a beep code; with this table you will identify the problem.

Alienware Mobiles using Indicator light Failure Codes

  • Alienware M15x
  • Alienware M17x R1, R2

Alienware Systems using Beeps Failure Codes

  • Alienware M11x R1, R2, R3
  • Alienware M17x R3, R4
  • Alienware M14x R1, R2
  • Alienware M18x R1 R2
  • Alienware Area-51
  • Alienware X51 R1, R2
  • Alienware Aurora R1, R2, R3, R4
  • Alienware 14
  • Alienware 17
  • Alienware 18

2. Solution

You can troubleshoot a no post / image situation by following this video:

No Post Video

Troubleshooting No post issues Video (Taken from the Alienware Lab)

  1. In order to discard corrupt BIOS settings in Mobiles please follow these steps:
    1. Press and Hold the <FN> key down.
    2. Without releasing the <FN> key, Power "ON" the system.
    3. You will notice the computer will try to turn ON and after a few seconds will turn OFF and back ON automatically. At this point you can release the <FN> Key.
    4. If the computer starts displaying image it means that now is completing the POST. Load into Windows and Update the system BIOS to the latest Version available (Re-Flash it if you are using the latest version already).
    5. Then Run the Built In Hardware Diagnostics. Alienware™ Enhanced Systems Diagnostics (ePSA)
    6. If the system does not complete the POST, unplug the AC adapter and remove the Battery (Some models require you to remove the service cover). Drain all remaining power (Press and hold down the Power button for 20 seconds, the computer is not expected to turn ON), reinstall the battery and reconnect the AC adapter and repeat steps a, b, c, d.
    7. If your system is completing the POST test it out by turning it OFF/ON several times to assure the problem is being fixed.
    8. If still the computer is not completing the POST refer to the Failure codes table below.
  2. The following table illustrate the LED Indicator Failure code for Alienware Mobiles.

    Alienware M17x R1, R2 and M15x LED Behavior Prior to Proceeding with No POST troubleshooting.

  3. The following tables illustrate the Beep Codes for Alienware Mobiles and Desktops and the possible root cause:
    Desktops Beep Codes
    Beep Code Description


    BIOS ROM checksum failure - Possible MB failure (Contact Alienware)


    (*)No RAM detected. (Reseat Memory modules or test individually)


    Possible motherboard failure - chipset error(Contact Alienware)


    RAM read/write failure (Reseat Memory modules or test individually)


    Real Time Clock failure (Reseat or Replace Coin Cell Battery)


    Video card failure (Reseat Video Card or Contact Alienware)


    Processor Failure (Contact Alienware)

    Laptops Beep Codes
    Beep Code Description


    System Board, BIOS corruption or ROM error (Contact Alienware)


    (*)No RAM detected (Reseat RAM modules or test individually)


    System Board Chipset Failure (Contact Alienware)


    Memory failure (Reseat Memory modules or test individually)


    CMOS battery failure (Click here to fix it)


    Video card / chip failure (Contact Alienware)


    CPU failure (Contact Alienware)


    LCD failure (Contact Alienware)

    Note: If you installed or replaced the memory modules, ensure that the memory modules are seated properly; otherwise you may get a 2 beep code. If you get a 2 or 4 beep code please test one memory module at the time if possible.

  4. If you have an Alienware Desktop this article may help you out: Alienware Desktops No Post Troubleshooting

If you still experience issues after completing these steps please send an e-mail to (for US and Canada customers only), with your service tag, phone number and proper time to reach you and we will be contacting you shortly.

The Alienware Support Team

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