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Troubleshoot Mouse or Keyboard Using Microsoft® Windows® XP Troubleshooters

Microsoft Windows XP Troubleshooters Hints and Tips

Several different troubleshooters are designed to solve a different type of problem.
To get the best results from the Windows troubleshooters:
  • Hide the navigation pane of Help and Support Center by clicking Change View on the Help toolbar. You can also resize the window by dragging the borders.

  • Follow the troubleshooter steps exactly. If you do not, you may miss critical information and limit the effectiveness of the troubleshooter.
  • Some troubleshooter steps require you to restart your computer or close the troubleshooter window. If this is required, you should write down (or remember) how you answered each question in the troubleshooter so you can return to the same location in the troubleshooter after your computer restarts or after you reopen the troubleshooter window.

Troubleshoot the Mouse or Keyboard Using the Microsoft Windows XP Troubleshooters

To troubleshoot your mouse or keyboard you should use the Input Devices Troubleshooter.
Click here to start the Microsoft Windows XP Input Devices Troubleshooter
The link above will only work if you are viewing this document on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows XP.

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