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Dell™ Combination Auto-Air Power Adapter Retrofit Program - KB Article - 182235

Dell™ Combination Auto-Air Power Adapter Retrofit Program

Dell™ has received no reports of incorrect power cords being used with the adapter and no reports of injuries. This action is being conducted in order to prevent any such incidents.

These adapters were sold with the following models of Dell laptop computers:

  • Latitude™ X300
  • Latitude D400
  • Latitude D500
  • Latitude D505
  • Latitude D600
  • Latitude™ D800
  • Inspiron 300m
  • Inspiron 500m
  • Inspiron 510M
  • Inspiron 600m
  • Inspiron 8500
  • Inspiron 8600
  • Precision™ M60
The adapters were also sold separately, including in response to service calls. The adapters were shipped to customers between December 2003 and May 2004.

The words DELL and Dell P/N W1451 are printed on the top of the adapters. Dell has developed a keying solution that will prevent incorrect power cables from being connected to the adapters. Dell will be offering customers the keying mechanism with both a DC and AC power cable. The keying mechanism will prevent the originally shipped DC and AC power cables as well as any other industry standard power cables from being connected to the adapter. Until they receive and implement their retrofit kit, customers should not connect any power cable to the adapter other than the cables that were provided with the product at the time of purchase.

Please note that only the described adapters are part of this retrofit program and not the laptop computers themselves.

How to Connect the Retrofit kit for the Auto-Air AC adapter

Items included with your Dell™ Adapter product upgrade kit:

  • 1 - A/C cord (wall cord).
  • 2 - Dell Wave Inserts with adhesive backing.
  • 1 - D/C cord (auto/air cord).
  • 1 - Instruction pamphlet.

Only one Dell Wave insert is to be installed. The second Dell Wave insert is provided as a precaution.

To place the insert into the AC adaptor perform the following steps:

  1. Pick up Wave Insert and A/C cord.

  2. Align Wave Insert with Wave Cutout in the A/C cord.

  3. Assemble Wave Insert part into Wave Cutout Slot of the cable connector on the A/C cord.

  4. Fully press Wave Insert into the A/C cord.

  1. Remove adhesive backing by pulling on the liner.

  2. Pull with a firm steady motion, pulling away from mated unit.

  3. Align A/C cord and Wave Insert with Inlet connector on the power supply brick.

  4. Plug the A/C cord and Wave Insert part into power supply brick with a firm amount of force.

  5. Press A/C cord and Wave Insert until the cable connector is seated fully into power supply brick connector.

  6. Keep a firm amount of force applied to cable connector and Wave Insert for a minimum of 5-15 seconds.

  7. Let the adhesive cure for 30 minutes before removing A/C cable.

Your Wave Insert is now installed properly in your power supply brick.

How to Obtain a Retrofit Kit

It is recommend that you contact Dell to order a retrofit kit.
To order the kit, visit Contact Dell.

  • For assistance in obtaining the retrofit kit, you can contact Dell by clicking the Chat option present under the Product Support section.

  • When contacting Dell, please be prepared to provide the Support representative with any and all system information including your Service Tag or Express Service Code information.

  • Visit the Dell Community Forum for More Information

    Visit the Dell Community Forums to find out what others in the Dell user community are saying. The Dell Community Forums provide a place for Dell users to discuss support topics, to learn, and to help each other. Use the message boards to post questions and answers.


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