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Network Card May Shut Off When AC Power Is Disconnected - KB Article - 288457

Network Interface Card (NIC) Will Shut Off if Disconnected from AC Power

Your Network Interface Card (NIC) will shut off if AC power is disconnected or disrupted unless a network cable is already connected. Once it has shut off, it will remain off as long as it is on battery power even after you’ve connected an active network cable. This is a Dell Quickset default setting to optimize battery life. A warning message will be shown when the power is disrupted, however, users sometimes miss this message when they are undocking or if the lid is closed when the message pops up.

Reactivate your NIC by Connecting to AC Power

Your NIC will reactivate as soon as an AC power source is reconnected.

Reactivating Your NIC by changing Dell™ Quickset

You may reactivate your NIC by changing the Dell Quickset default to keep the NIC on even when on battery power. To change the default setting to reactivate the internal network card:

  1. Click the Quickset icon in the Taskbar.
    The Quickset options menu appears.

  2. Highlight Internal Network Card.

  3. Click Always activate on battery.


Changing the default option will eliminate the battery saving benefits of shutting off the NIC card. Expect your battery charge to drain faster if you change the default settings to keep the NIC card functioning on battery power.

Reset the Broadband Modem

  1. Turn off your computer.

  2. Unplug the power cable from the broadband modem for a minimum of two (2) minutes.

  3. Remove all USB and network cables attached to the modem.

  4. Connect one network cable directly from the broadband modem to the system.


    If you are unable to establish a connection after waiting two (2) minutes, unplug the power cable from the broadband modem for a minimum of five (5) minutes and try again.

    If a portable computer is being connected to the modem, ensure the A/C power adapter is plugged into the system and into a wall outlet. The card's power management features, or the Dell Quickset utility can disable the onboard Ethernet network adapter to preserve battery power.

  5. Plug the power cable back into the broadband modem.

  6. Wait two (2) minutes.

  7. Plug the power cord or A/C adapter into the system.

  8. Turn the system on.


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Last Date Modified: 11/14/2010 12:00 AM

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