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Firmware Updates Available for the Dell 3330dn, 3333dn/3335dn, 5230n/dn, 5350dn, 5530dn and 5535dn to Close Security Gap

Table of Contents:

  1. Overview
  2. Affected Products
  3. Workarounds
  4. Firmware Versions With Fixes

This article provides information on what firmware updates are available to close this security gap.


Some Dell products allow the creation of pre-defined email addresses ("shortcuts") to streamline the use of functions such as "Scan to Email". On vulnerable products it is possible to craft a shortcut that contains hidden email addresses that are not displayed to the user via the operator panel or on the embedded web server. In the event a hidden email address is added, anyone making use of the shortcut would have their scanned data sent to additional email addresses they were unaware of, although a close examination of the header of the delivered email would reveal the additional email addresses.

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Affected Products

Dell Laser Printer Models
Dell 3330dn
Dell 3333dn/3335dn
Dell 5230n/dn
Dell 5350dn
Dell 5530dn
Dell 5535dn

Table 1: Dell Laser Printer Models

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Restrict access to the manage shortcuts functionality to trusted personnel. The "Manage Shortcuts at the Device" and "Manage Shortcuts Remotely" function access controls can be utilized to restrict the ability to create and edit email shortcuts to authenticated and authorized personnel. For more information see your product’s User Guide or the Embedded Web Server Administrator’s Guide.

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Firmware Versions With Fixes

Dell Models Affected Releases Fixed Releases
Dell 3330dn LR.LBH.P510 and previous LR.LBH.P626
Dell 3333dn/3335dn LR.BS.P510b and previous LR.BS.P626
Dell 5230n/dn LR.JP.P510 and previous LR.JP.P626
Dell 5350dn LR.JP.P510 and previous LR.JP.P626
Dell 5530dn LR.JP.P510 and previous LR.JP.P626
Dell 5535dn LR.MN.P510b and previous LR.MN.P626

Table 2: Printers Models Affected Releases and Fixes

  • For information on downloading the firmware for your printer, refer to Dell Knowledge Base article, "How to Use the Drivers and Downloads Website".
  • The fixed firmware release numbers listed above are not shown on the Drivers and Download site, the latest firmware release offered has the fix included.

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Last Date Modified: 02/25/2016 05:10 AM

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