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Blanking, Flickering or Blinking video issues on external monitor for Dell Latitude Exx70,Exx40 & Precision xx10 systems

This article provides information on issues regarding possible flickering external display video for Dell Latitude Exx70 & Precision xx10 systems.

Blanking/Flickering/Blinking video on external monitors

Some Dell Latitude Exx70 & Precision xx10 users may encounter video blanking / flickering / blinking when connecting to a docking station attached to dual external monitors. The video will blink intermittently for about 2-3 seconds at a time throughout the day when connected to the DisplayPort (DP), Digital Video Interface (DVI), or Video Graphics Array (VGA) cable connections.

Docking station part numbers reported with the issue.

  • CPGHK - E-Port Docking Station
  • 8RNJ7 - Older E-Port Docking Station
  • 35RXK - E-Port Plus
  • JKJ9X - E-Port Plus II

In almost all cases, a hardware issue is not involved and updating the system drivers will resolve the issue.

Recommended troubleshooting steps

Standard troubleshooting of this type of issue is normally accomplished by following these steps to ensure that your system has the most current BIOS and drivers to prevent this type of issue:

  1. Reseat video cables to docking station.

  2. Check refresh rate and resolution of monitors - for instruction please view our article Adjust the Screen Resolution, Color Depth, Refresh Rate and Size of Fonts and Icons
  3. Ensure the BIOS revision is up to date by visiting the Dell Drivers & Downloads page then click the BIOS link, if a newer version that currently installed on the system is available, download and install the latest version of the BIOS.
  4. Also, update to the latest Video Driver by visiting the Dell Drivers & Downloads page then click the VIDEO link - always update to the latest video driver available.
    • Systems with Integrated Intel HD Graphics 530/P530 : (Precision 5510)
    • Systems with Integrated Intel Graphics: (Latitude E5270, E5470, E5570, E7270, E7470, Precision 3510, 7510, 7710)
    • Systems with Discrete AMD Radeon R7 M360 / M370 Graphics: (Latitude E5470, E5570)
    • Systems with Discrete AMD FirePro L Graphics: (Precision 3510)
    • Systems with Discrete AMD FirePro W5170M/W7170M Graphics: (Precision 7510/7710)
    • Systems with Discrete NVidia Quadro M1000M / M2000M / M3000M / M4000M / M5000M Graphics: (Precision 7510/7710)
    • Systems with issues when connected to a docking station (Latitude E5440/E5540/E7240/E7440)
  5. Systems with Intel U series processors (Intel HQ processors do not have MST Hubs), update to the latest MST HUB Firmware from the Dell Support Website, Drivers & Downloads, Video Drivers.
    Note: You can identify the processor of your system in the Order Details of the system. Intel U series processor systems ONLY: In order to flash the MST HUB, the latest video driver needs to be installed and the system must be docked with an active external monitor connected.

Should these steps not fully resolve the issue, please contact Dell Technical Support.

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Last Date Modified: 04/20/2017 03:05 AM

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