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Dell Mobile Print for Android - Wireless Printing From Your Mobile Device

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  1. Dell Mobile Print for Android - Wireless Printing from Your Mobile Device
  2. Dell Mobile Print FAQ's

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1. Dell Mobile Print for Android - Wireless Printing from Your Mobile Device

  • Now it's easy to print directly from your phone or tablet to a compatible Dell printer over an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network.
  • Save time: There’s no need to transfer files from your Android phone or tablet to your PC.
  • Print a wide variety of files: Print web content, photos, PDFs, emails, documents and more.
  • You can get Dell Mobile Print as a free download at Google Play and use it on a variety of compatible mobile devices.
  • Easy to use: A simple user interface helps you to easily access a wide range of files on your phone or tablet, and then discover compatible printers to print them on.
  • Print to a broad portfolio of Dell printers: Download the Dell Mobile Print app and you can start using it on a number of compatible Dell printers.

Compatible Laser Printers:

Dell Color Laser Printers:

1235cn, 1250cn, 1350cnw, 1355cn, 1355cnw, c1660w, c1760nw, c1765nf, c1765nfw, 2130cn, 2135cn, 2145cn, 2150cn/cdn, 2155cn/cdn, 3010cn, 3100cn, 3110cn, 3115cn, 3130cdn, C3760n/dn, C3765dnf, 5100cn, 5110cn, 5130cdn, 7130cn.

Dell Mono Laser Printers:

1130n, 1135n, B1160w, B1260dn, B1265dnf, 1710n, 1720dn, 1815dn, 2330dn, 2335dn, 2350dn, 2355dn, B2360dn, 3330dn, 3333dn, 3335dn, B3460dn, B3465dnf, 5210n, 5230n/dn, 5310n, 5330dn, 5350dn, B5460dn, B5465dnf, 5530dn, 5535dn, 7330dn.

If these steps do not correct the problem, please contact Dell Technical Support.

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2. Dell Mobile Print FAQ's

What can I print with Dell Mobile Print?

  • Word documents such as .DOC and .DOCX.
  • Spreadsheet documents such as .XLS and .XLSX.
  • Presentation documents such as .PPT and .PPTX.
  • PDF documents.
  • Images such as .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tiff, & .bmp.
  • Web pages.
  • Contacts.
  • Calendar.
  • Saved emails (.eml file type).
  • Gmail.
  • Google Docs.
  • SMS messages.

How does the Dell Mobile Print App work?

Dell Mobile Print is a mobile application compatible with the Android™ operating system. It provides customers with the convenience of printing photos, documents, web content and more, directly from Android mobile devices to selected Dell and non-Dell branded network printers.

Printing to non-Dell branded printers is only supported via pre-installed Dell Mobile Print, available on selected Dell smart phones and tablets.

Why do I need to have Wi-Fi switched on to print?

Dell Mobile Print uses Wi-Fi to connect with the networks that support printers.

How do I log on to the Wi-Fi network that has my printers?

Wi-Fi network access is controlled by the Settings menu of your mobile device. Enter "Settings", then "Wireless & networks" then "Wi-Fi settings". From Wi-Fi Settings select the required Wi-Fi network.

I cannot automatically discover my printer. Can I add it manually?

Yes. If the user knows the IP Address of a printer, then Dell Mobile Print can print directly to that printer.

The user selects Manually Add Printer from the menu functions on the Printer Selection screen. This enables the user to manually add a printer by entering the printer’s IP address or its UNC path name.

What is the IP address of my printer?

The IP Address is the unique Internet Protocol Address of the printer. You can normally find the IP Address of your printer by printing a test page. Refer to your printer’s user guide for details on printing a configuration page.

Dell Mobile Print says my printer is incompatible. Why is this?

The most likely reason is that the printer does not support any of the supported printer languages (i.e. PostScript, PCL6, PCL3 GUI and ESC P/R). To check printer compatibility, we recommend that you print a test page by going to menu functions, then Print Test Page.

Do I need printer drivers for my printer?

No. Dell Mobile Print configures itself for direct printing to supported network printers, via Wi-Fi access to the network which the printers are in.

Do I need to use a PC to print using Dell Mobile Print?

No. Dell Mobile Print configures itself for direct printing to supported network printers, via Wi-Fi access to the network which the printers are in.

Can I print using USB?

No. Dell Mobile Print only supports networked printers that can be accessed via Wi-Fi access to the network which the printers are in.

How does my printer need to be connected?

To print directly from your mobile device, the printer needs to be on a network. This could be an Ethernet network of printers that has a Wi-Fi access point, or it could be a Wi-Fi network that has printers connected.

How do I select the printer I want to use?

A list of available printers will appear in the Printer Selection screen. Selecting a printer in the list will make that printer the connected printer.
It is also possible to manually add a printer if you know the IP Address of the printer.

How do I select the document I want to print?

Documents can either be selected from the home screen of Dell Mobile Print, or Share to Dell Mobile Print from the document to be printed.

When installed on a Dell smartphone or tablet, Dell Mobile Print will be directly available from many applications such as Web Browser, Email, Contacts, Calendar, SMS Messages and Gallery where a print option is available.

Does my phone or tablet need to have Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel installed to print those documents?

No. Dell Mobile Print can support printing of these document types directly.

There are parts of my document missing when printed. Why does this happen?

Dell Mobile Print is capable of printing most documents. However, some documents may contain formats, styles or fonts that are not supported by Dell Mobile Print.

How does Dell Mobile Print find my printers?

Dell Mobile Print is capable of discovering most printers on a network using automatic search capabilities. Previously used and currently available printers will be shown in the Printer Selection screen.

How do I remove a printer from my FAVORITES List?

To remove printer from favorites list, just tap on the star icon. To prevent a previously used printer from always appearing on the printer list, long press on a printer and then select Forget this printer.

Is there a limit to the number of printers I can have in my Printer Selection List?


How can I sort my Printer Selection List?

Select from the action bar for:

  • Favorite printers.
  • Recently Used printers.
  • A-Z of printers.

The Printer Selection screen provides a very long list of printers. How do I find the one I want in the list?

You can filter the list by printer name to find the printer you want.

How do I refresh the status of printers in my Printer Selection List?

Hit the refresh icon in the top right of the screen.

My Printer Selection List shows printers that are offline. Why is this happening?

Printers will show as offline if they are not accessible.

  • The printer is switched off.
  • Dell Mobile Print is not connected to the same Wi-Fi network as that printer.

How can I check the status of printing?

Select Print Queue from the menu in the action bar.

How do I select the options for printing?

When a document has been selected for printing, a Print Preview screen will appear. From the print preview screen, you can select the printer name to view print options. Alternatively, you can hit menu and select printer options.

Depending on features supported by the printer, the available options are:

  • Print Range.
  • Number of copies.
  • Color (choose color or black & white.)
  • Paper size.
  • Collate.
  • Duplex.
  • Orientation.

Why are some of my Print Options not available?

Some documents may control the print options and not allow changes, e.g., some Word documents define the page size.
Some features may not be supported by the selected printer, e.g., a printer may not support duplexing.

If these steps do not correct the problem, please contact Dell Technical Support.

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