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Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 Prompts to Select Express or Custom Installation During Unattended Installation of the Operating System - Technical Tip - 131674

Bypass EMS and disable console redirection.

To avoid this issue and bypass the EMS prompt, disable Console Redirection in the BIOS setup before you install the operating system. The EMS prompt can be ignored by clicking OK and continuing with the installation.

NOTE: For more information on how to access your system''s BIOS and the Console Redirection option, refer to the Online User Guide located on

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 detects console redirection.

Microsoft® Windows® Server™ 2003 uses Emergency Management Services (EMS) to administer your system for troubleshooting purposes. EMS uses Remote Management Console Redirection to connect to a remote system, which can be enabled in the BIOS Setup. When Microsoft Windows Server 2003 detects that your system has Console Redirection enabled, the operating system assumes that you are trying to remotely administer the system using EMS. You are then prompted to install the operating system either on the remote system using the EMS interface, or on the local system.


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