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How to configure LAGs on PowerConnect 2800 switches

Article description: This article explains how to configure Link Aggregation (LAG) on the PowerConnect 2800 series.

To configure a LAG interface on the 2800 series switch, complete the following steps.
  1. When creating a LAG for the first time, ensure that interfaces you wish to use for the LAG are unplugged or shutdown before configuration.
  2. Log into the switch management and navigate to Switch > Link Aggregation > Lag Membership
  3. You will see a list of ports on the switch. Click on the box below the port number to make it a member of a LAG. To make multiple ports part of the same LAG, make sure they have the same number, such as ports 23 and 24 set for LAG 2. Every time you click the box, the number increments from 1-8, and then cycles back to blank.
  4. Click Apply Changes
The configurations of the physical ports are ignored, and the LAG uses the configuration for the LAG ID.
To configure physical settings on the LAG, this is found under Switch > Ports > LAG Configuration.
To configure VLAN settings on the LAG, navigate to Switch > VLAN > LAG settings.
To configure Spanning Tree settings on the LAG, navigate to Switch > Spanning Tree > STP LAG Settings.

When finished configuring the LAG, turn on the interfaces and plug them in.
Note: The 2800 series does not support LACP LAGs.

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