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Hard Drive - OMSA™ is Not Completing All Attribute Text Strings in the Dell PowerEdge Express Flash™ PCIe SSD SMART Log

Article Summary: This article provides information on OMSA not completing all attribute text strings in the Express Flash PCIe SSD SMART log

The two methods to extract the SMART log from an Express Flash PCIe SSD are through Open Manage Server Administrator (OMSA) and through the UEFI/HII browser. When using OMSA to extract the SMART log, OMSA does not correctly populate the attribute text strings for each of the fields in the log. Each attribute has an attribute value and these will be correct. The SMART log values will also all be correct.

Another method of retrieving the SMART log is via Human Interface Infrastructure (HII). This log will have all the correct values and names for the values in the appropriate format.

Here is a sample log for reference:

Drive ID: 0
ID Attribute Name Attribute Data
9 Power On Hours Count 309 Hours
12 Power Cycle Count 10 Power Cycles
170 New Failing Block Count 0 Bad Blocks
181 Program Fail Count 0 Program Failures
182 Erase Fail Count 0 Erase Failures
174 Unexpected Power Loss Count 2 Unexpected Power Loss events
195 Reported Uncorrectable Hours 0 ECC Correction Failures
188 Command Timeouts 0 Outstanding Commands ince Last Reset
0 Outstanding Commands over Life
194 Enclosure Temperature 53 Current Temperature in C
66 Highest Temperature over Life
100 Min Temperature in C
115 Max Temperature in C
204 Percentage Lifetime Used 0 % Lifetime Used
234 Available Reserved Space 179722 Spare Blocks
241 Power On Minutes 18540 Minutes
242 Write Protect Progress 0 % towards write protect (100% = Write Protect Mode

Use the above two methods for retrieving the SMART logs on Express Flash PCIe SSD.
Note: All issues listed above fixed on OpenManage Sever Administrator (OMSA) 7.1. For more info on OMSA, click here: OpenManage Server Administrator - OMSA.

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Last Date Modified: 08/12/2015 07:57 AM

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