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How to Restore Custom Reports To The Compliance Reporter After A Server Upgrade

This article provides actions that a Systems Administrator should perform before upgrading a Dell Data Protection | Encryption Enterprise Server that utilizes custom reports.

Affected Product:

Dell Data Protection | Enterprise Edition v7.x - 8.x

Before you upgrade your Dell Data Protection | Enterprise Edition it is important to back up the folder under \webapp\web-inf\reports\. During the upgrade of the DDP | Enterprise Edition Server the default location that stores all custom-made reports will be reset to the default settings.

The default path for where the Compliance Reporter files are stored is: "C:\Program Files\Dell\Enterprise Edition\Compliance Reporter\webapp\web-inf\reports\" .

Note: This path may be different if you chose to store the Compliance Reporter files in another location when you created the custom-made reports.

Do the following steps to restore your custom-made reports:

  • Stop the Compliance Reporter service.
  • Backup the current DB folder located in C:\Program Files\Dell\Enterprise Edition\Compliance Reporter\webapp\web-inf\reports\ to another location on the drive.
  • Now delete the DB folder from C:\Program Files\Dell\Enterprise Edition\Compliance Reporter\webapp\web-inf\reports\
  • Copy the previous server versions DB folder into the C:\Program Files\Dell\Enterprise Edition\Compliance Reporter\webapp\web-inf\reports\ folder.
  • Delete the Template folder from located in C:\Program Files\Dell\Enterprise Edition\Compliance Reporter\webapp\web-inf\reports\DB\.
  • Copy the Template folder from db folder that was backed up in step 2.
  • Restart the Compliance Reporter service.

For any questions/concerns, please call Dell Data Protection ProSupport at: 877.459.7304 Ext. 4310039. For support outside the US, reference ProSupport’s International Contact numbers list. You can also join us on our Dell Security Community Forum.

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