Dell DataSafe Online

Dell™ DataSafe Online Service Announcement

The Dell DataSafe Online service has been discontinued as of July 11, 2015. All existing accounts have reached their expiration dates, and all data will be permanently deleted from the Dell™ DataSafe Online system no fewer than 30 days after account expiration.

Frequently asked questions

Question: When will I no longer have access to my data on Dell DataSafe Online?
Answer: Data is no longer accessible from Dell DataSafe Online.

Question: How can I retrieve my data?

Answer: As of 30 days beyond the account expiration date, data cannot be retrieved.

Question: What will happen to my data after I no longer have access to my account?

Answer: Since July 11, 2015, Dell DataSafe Online service has been discontinued and access to the service is no longer available.
All stored data will be purged from the Dell DataSafe Online system

Question: What if I do not retrieve my data by the time my account expires?
Answer: Your data will be available to you for at least 30 days after your account expires. After that time, your data will be purged from the system.

Question: Do you recommend any other backup options?

Answer: Backup solutions are widely available. McAfee and other Antivirus providers offer backup as a components their products, and backup functionality is built into Windows versions 7 and above.

Question: Can I keep my existing Dell DataSafe Online account?
Dell is permanently discontinuing this program and accounts cannot be renewed or continued.